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Why Would A Politician Want To Get Tased?


I was watching this dumb video the other day on Facebook:


I guess the point is maybe that tasers aren’t that bad? But, watch it, he is being held and it is just about as controlled as this idiotic test could be run. I wonder if they considered a possible heart attack with the shock? Or what if he had been drinking or was high on drugs? What about the person who is already prone on the ground and it’s being used to punish him?

Why not pull out the service revolver and show us how safely a person can be shot? I’m sure there is a way to do that in a controlled environment.

A taser is one of the many tools that are available for law enforcement. If used properly and with proper training, they can be very helpful. But, stunts like this are really just asinine.


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  1. Mark Bello says:
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    He’s a Michigan Republican; need I say more?

  2. Mike Bryant says:
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    Not sure, thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment.