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Documents from Press Conference : Fr. Michael Bik, St. John’s Abbey Named in Lawsuit

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Documents from the Press Conference this week.

Doe 497 Amended Complaint

5-9-2016- Internal Statement Re the Impact of the May 25 Deadline
Bik, Michael Photo
11-5-2002 Letter from Klassen to Bik re negative media
9-1989 Work Assessment re Bik Unable to Resist the Preps
9-19-1988 Memo re Bik’s emotional needs in Preps
9-4-1988 Letter re Bik spending time with the prep students
9-3-1998 Note from Abbot Kelly allowing Bik to live at the Monastery
9-3-1998 Memo from Abbot Kelly re Allegation of Abuse by Bik
9-19-1988- Memo re Bik’s time spent with Prep Students
1992- Final Evaluation re Bik from RIverside Medical Center
4-11-2008- St. Luke Treatment Report re Bik
9-15-2006- Star Trib Article- Delay in Sex-Abuse Case Sparks Protests
Bik Assignment History
10-9-1998- Ltr from Abbot Kelly to Archbishop Flynn re allegation against Bik
2-28-2006- Treatment Summary from the U of M re Bik
8-15-2011- E-mail from Klassen to Bik re asking permission to go to town
8-15-2011- e-mail from Andert to Klassen re Bik out unsupervised
9-4-1988 Memo re Bik spending time with the prep students

Those with claims must act within that time.

Abuse of children and the continued silence by the offenders needs to be prevented. If you suffered, saw, or suspected such events, it is important to know that there is help out there.