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When a case gets put into suit, there are a number of things that need to be done which are part of what is called discovery. It’s both side’s chance to learn more about the inside of the case. The parts are usually interrogatories or written question and answers, the exchange of documents, and depositions , which is the face to face questioning and answering of parties, experts, and other witnesses.

All of the discovery is done under oath and is a vital part of what is required to make sure the system works right. At our office, we stress the importance of making sure the answers are correct. We also understand the vital role the truth plays in the process.

What was disturbing is the information that is coming out about discovery that was done in Toyota rollover cases. We are talking about cases that have tried to a verdict, been settled , and in some cases were dismissed. One of their former attorneys, who managed the electronic documents discovery, has now claimed that Toyota destroyed engineering and testing evidence relevant in more than 300 suits over sport-utility vehicle rollover accidents.

Why did they get rid of evidence? My guess would be it wasn’t because it helped their case. The question is what should be done about it? I would suspect that many courts will be reluctant to reopen long closed cases. But, with the potential fraud involved, something will have to be done. Most importantly, an example will have to be made to ensure that this never gets done again. Unfortunately, Toyota was fined $139,000 once before for these types of practices and if this is true, it apparently did no good.

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