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The plea of Rev. Shawn Ratigan last month to production of child pornography was a major step in the prosecution of priests who have been involved in the abuse of children. What has been revealing is the deposition testimony of Julie Creech, the IT director for the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph. In the deposition, she described confronting Finn about the naked images of young girls she found on Ratigan's computer.

"Finn did indicate that…sometimes priests do things they shouldn't," Creech said in the deposition. "He said, 'Sometimes boys will be boys.'"

Since this deposition, Creech did release the following statement through her lawyers:

The statement Julie Creech attributed to Bishop Finn during her deposition that “boys will be boys” is not consistent with her recollection of any conversations she had with the bishop concerning the Shawn Ratigan matter. Following the deposition, Julie realized she had misspoken. She understood that pursuant to the rules of civil practice, she would receive a copy of the deposition transcript and have the opportunity to acknowledge and correct her mistaken testimony. Because the deposition was so recently completed, Julie has not yet had a chance to do that, so we were certainly surprised to learn that an unverified copy of her testimony was attached to a pleading in a civil case.

It will be interesting what happens the next time she testifies. As with any deposition testimony, what she said was taken under oath. Seems like a very significant quote that shouldn't have been said or offered lightly. It could be confirmation of the very attitudes that have gotten the Church in so much trouble.

So it will be expected that the usual apologists will defend it as being a misstatement. However, when it goes to the very heart of the problem, doesn't it seem to have the type of admission against interest that often gets defendants in trouble? Is it a look into the very nature and sickness that explains why this problem doesn't go away?

Jeff Anderson took a look at the issue over at his blog with :

Bishop Finn says “boys will be boys;” Priests will abuse kids until the Pope acts, says Jeff Anderson

As Jeff points out, it is important that the Pope address this conviction and this cavalier response because the Church needs to make sure that a response like this will never be tolerated.

They needed to use the zero tolerance doctrine to shine light on what happened and to ensure that it would never happen again. They need to not move priests around and to quit putting them in situations which allow great access to kids. They needed to stop hiding.

Abuse of children and the continued silence by the offenders needs to be prevented. If you suffered, saw, or suspected such events, it is important to know that there is help out there.


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    The San Jose, California District Attorney recently issued a 4-page news release on the technicalities that supposedly stood in the way of his filing perjury charges against Jesuit Fr. Jerold Lindner for his June 2012 trial testimony. Because of Lindner, the Jesuit Order has paid $3 million in sex abuse settlements.

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