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Halloween is coming next week. To get ready for it , we were out in the yard filling pumpkin bags with leaves and spreading them out on the parch. It won't be long before we are, like many of you carving real pumpkins. My partner Joe Crumley's family, have made an art form out of the pumpkins they have carved with their kids over the years.

For each of us we still need to keep an eye out for safety.

– Keep knives away from children

– when using candles:

  • Don't leave them unattended.
  • Be thorough in your leaf removal efforts, so there'll be less around to catch fire.
  • Don't leave them on your deck, patio or porch during trick or treat, as kids' costumes may be flammable.

– Think about using glow sticks from party supply stores instead.

– Rotting pumpkins can make slipping hazards. So make sure the porch is safe for visitors.

– While your at it: remove hoses and other tripping hazards that treat seekers could miss in the dark

It's a great time. I remember driving from Northern Minnesota during a trial to be with my oldest son for his first night out. As big as they are getting, it may be over for future Halloweens with Dad real soon. So have fun, be safe, and enjoy it while it lasts.

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